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Crain's Cleveland Business
September 22-28, 2003

Jazzed Up Jelly Now In Stores
Marketing Mix

By Henry Gomez
Crain's Cleveland Business -

 A traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich was too boring for Sid Good.
The president of Cleveland's Good Marketing, Inc. which focuses its product development ideas on the fickle tastes of children, said he hopes his company's new Jelly Bean Jelly will become a widespread staple in sack lunches nationwide.
 "The original idea was brought to us from the outside," Mr.Good said. "But we did the research to find out if there was any interest in such a product. What we found when we started exploring was the jelly category has been lackluster in terms of innovation."

Translation? Mr. Good said the classic strawberry preserves were all fine and well with moms and dads, but school kids were craving something more. Good Marketing's answer comes in the form of six different flavors: Banana Burst, Berry Cherry, Groovy Grape, Sour Apple, Tangerine Twist and Watermelon Wow. Robert Rothschild Farm of Urbana, Ohio, a specialty foods manufacturer, began producing the jellies last month.

"Robert Rothschild - they saw the Jelly Bean Jelly as a way to extend their presence beyond the specialty foods market," Mr.Good said.

Locally, Jelly Bean Jelly sells in 10 oz. jars for $3.89 and up at Heinen's and Gourmet Chef.

"The word we've gotten is they're pretty pleased with their sales so far," he said of the local stores.

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